Contributors & Partners

Thank you for your support in bringing the art of dance to the community.

Point Dance Ensemble extends its appreciation to the following individuals, organizations, and businesses that have so generously made contributions.

Thank you to Sentry for your support of the 20th Anniversary year!


Barre Up to $25

Richard Heh
Bob Bushman
David & Mary Lamken
John R. Schoenwetter D.D.S.
Nancy & Gene Kemmeter
Central Orthodontic Specialists, S.C.
Alex & Brian Tart
John & Betty Jazdzewski
Darrell & Laura Trzebiatowski
Korina Pubanz
Richard & Sheryl Asada
Michael & Jacqueline Dent

Pointe $26 - $50

Bonnie Mairs
Dale & Donna Altmann
Madeline Kubisiak
Ann James
Dr. Michael D. O’Leary, Orthodontist
June Frederick
Tom & Patricia Veum-Smith
Martin Brooks
Bruce Hill Yacht Sales, Inc.
James Moore
Mary Dent
Polito’s Pizza

Center Stage $51 - $75

Bruce & Carol Hill
The Bauch Family
Scoliosis Rehab

Encore $76 - $100

James Mairs & Gina Webster
Mary Ann Luedtke
Jeff & Jenny Graboski
Sylvie & Stu Bryant
Jay Crane
Dennis Smith
Ted & Joan Johanson

Master Class $101 - $125

Douglas & Rochelle Veum

Grand Jete Over $126

Tanya Mairs
Michael Richards
Dance Dynamics
Greg & Cheryl Karr
Susan H. Gingrasso