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Help us in rising to the challenge of meeting our principles and goals under the physical restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic has created. Where there is restriction, there is innovation.

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About PDE’s 2020-21 Season

As our company members, parents and friends already know, Point Dance Ensemble is a unique organization in the Central Wisconsin area. Our focus is not only on the individual’s artistic excellence but on fostering community art appreciation and experience. Since our founding, 20 years ago, we have collaborated and connected with local choreographers, artists, musicians, other non-profit organizations, and businesses to bring new experiences of the fine arts to our community. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our plans–like all of our plans–have changed. However, with your help, we can continue to bring dance to our community.

Be a Maker of Dance

Our theme for the 2020-21 season is “Be a Maker of Dance”. We are stressing choreography and the individual process of making dance. We are showing our company members, and our community, that dance does not only exist in the traditional audience-stage model. Dance can be created outdoors, in a parking lot, in a park, or even in the living room. Dance is not restricted by physical limitations, and neither are we. We now look to dance on film, and cannot wait to explore this genre of dance-making!

Guest Artists + Repertoire

This year might look different, but we are excited to share a taste of what we have planned. Guest choreographers Lindsey Ruenger and Julie Baird both have set a socially-distanced repertory on the full company. Kayla Dunn will aid our company members on learning the detailed technical aspects of creating dance on film. She will aid company members in the creating and editing of dance. This gives the dancers the opportunity to showcase their work not just as a transcribed experience of what they have choreographed but gives them the professional tools to include the camera itself in their choreographic process. Guest choreographer Constance Anderson will also be choreographing a full company, edited dance on film piece for our virtual spring performance. We are preparing for a fully virtual performance. On January 15-16, 2021 Point Dance Ensemble’s Choreography Showcase and Annual Performance February 27-28,2021, both performances will be a ticketed virtual events.